Get on the Path to Self Discovery


What if you could identify the things that bring contentment?


What if you could learn the environment in which you would thrive? What if you could feel empowered to succeed? What if we could be the key that unlocked your understanding about how you are innately wired to succeed and find contentment within your relationships and at work?


At Wired Within, we help you recognize your inner design, so that despite the obstacles or people around you, you can achieve satisfaction and success.  We put you on the path of self-discovery, so that you can develop greater assurance and clarity about yourself. We all have questions that beg for answers. We want to feel our life has a purpose and that we are successfully fulfilling it.

Why Wired University with Wired Within?


Take a look at our various coursework in our video library. Whether you are focused on improving your individual purpose, fixing relationships or improving your workplace environment, Wired Within will help you relate more effectively and achieve greater results. We believe that you can gain life changing insights into what makes you uniquely you and that you can live a happier, more successful life with this understanding.


An online membership gives you access to the library learning level that fits your needs. You can watch or listen to videos at your convenience anytime or anyplace you have internet access. You can repeat videos and review material at your leisure. After you have completed a level of understanding, use your membership to upgrade to the next level for a reduced rate. Go at your own pace and increase your understanding and success in life.


Each specialized level is structured to answer your innermost questions about you as an individual, you within a relationship and you in the workplace.


Individual Growth

Find your purpose

Choose Your Career Path

Identify Your Communication Structure

Achieve Satisfaction and Success


Marriage or Parenting

Gain Communication Success in Parenting

Achieving Conflict Management Resolution

Escaping Distress in Yourself and Others

Get into a Safe Relationship


Manager or Executive Leadership

Building Teamwork

Achieving Conflict Management Resolution

Be a Better Leader

Doing Your Job Successfully


Deciding what works best for you and your goals can be confusing. Let us make it simple with a breakdown of our membership levels and services that we offer and the benefits of each.

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