Wichita Moms Blog Event: Mummies’ Night Out

Wichita Moms Blog Event: Mummies’ Night Out

Happy Halloween everyone!


Heather Fellows here. I’m so excited to steal the blog today to tell you about an amazing event that we co-sponsored last week: Mummies’ Night Out hosted by Wichita Moms Blog!


Through our co-sponsorship, we created a Harry Potter themed booth with an emphasis on MUGGLE MAGIC (because we aren’t wizards, but let’s face it, sometimes it feels like getting our kids to follow directions requires a spell). We focused on helping moms and caregivers bring children out of distress, out of temper tantrums or general worry.


Because here’s what Wired Within knows about moms: moms want nothing more than to create happy, healthy environments for their kids to thrive in. But sometimes we hit a brick wall that feels a lot like stubborn disobedience and we’re at a loss.


What do we do?


This awesome event gave us the opportunity to talk to moms about what puts kids into those mental spaces (and it’s not what you’d guess; think grief, fear or powerlessness) and provide them with critical information about WHY kids pout, cry, scream, or withdraw.


For example: if your super-sensitive kiddo pouts and becomes extremely quiet when upset, did you know the quickest way to make him or her feel better is provide one of two things: a hug OR solitude.


Probably wouldn’t have guessed solitude, huh? It’s not my first guess. So how do you know which to do and when? At Wired Within, we LOVE to talk to parents about how to bring little ones (or big ones) out of distress. Because partnerships are essential in our everyday lives. We want to partner with parents to shed light on how to satisfy psychological needs that fuel a happy, fulfilling life at any age.


Our partnership with Wichita Moms Blog gave us the opportunity to have a great time with Wichita moms and also – to sample awesome cookies from Sweetly Scrumptious (locally owned business) and to sample fabulous organic spa products from Fresh Spa Market (also a locally owned business).


My favorite treat of the night: The DJ. The dance floor was hopping! Wichita moms have got moves!


A special thanks to Wichita Moms Blog for the invitation to co-sponsor their fun event and also for continually striving to help moms every day!

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