About the six Personality types:

Individual personality structure is comprised of six, separate and mutually exclusive behavior types, called Thinker, Harmonizer, Persister, Rebel, Imaginer, and Promoter. Likened to a six-floored condominium, personality structure is ordered, indicating the relative amount of time a person experiences and demonstrates the behaviors of a given type floor.

The Personality Pattern Inventory, measures the amount of energy available to the individual to experience each personality floor. Correlations for each personality type include: character strengths, management styles, channels of communication, perceptual preferences, environmental choices, and personality traits.

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Calm, Imaginative and Reflective


You don’t react overtly. You take time to answer briefly. You tend to wait for others to get in contact with you first. To feel good and be efficient, you require your own private time and space for reflection and introspection. You may well “escape” during long meetings or discussions. This gives you the ability to endure difficult situations.



Your calm, however grave the situation, in which you are able to quietly analyze the different hypothesis or possible solutions. Your ability to reflect and think about humanity, to observe yourself and others, and to not judge others too quickly. Your imagination for exploring all the hypothesis or possible options in a given situation.


Dedicated, Observant and Conscientious


To feel good and be efficient, you require your convictions/beliefs to be recognized: “I admire you.” “I value your opinion.” “What do you believe we should do?” You also require being recognized for your accomplishments: “Good work.” “Great contribution.” “A job well done.”



Your ability to observe and give opinions, beliefs, judgements about situations and persons. Your conscientiousness in both professional and personal life. People often admire your moral conduct and your ethics. Your devotion to causes, a political party, your company, etc. and your tenacity in respecting your ideals, principles and values.

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Logical, Responsible and Organized


To feel good and be efficient, you require being recognized for your thoughts and accomplishments. “Good work.” “Great idea.” “A job well done.” You also require time structure and like to plan things



Your capacity for organization and detailed planning. Your logic in structuring ideas or issues and explaining quickly and clearly to others. Your ability to take responsibility, making you a welcoming person in both your professional and personal relationships.


Adaptable, Persuasive and Charming


You appreciate communicating with a directive style. You are particularly efficient faced with challenges, difficult or new things to do. To feel good and be efficient, you require incidence, like lots of excitement in a short period of time. You like the high level of energy in these situations.



Your charm, born from your direct way of communication and your well aimed compliments. Your extraordinarily resourcefulness and your ability to get back on your feet after any setback. You will always get moving again. Your ability to adapt to any new situation or environment. You like change and are turned off by routine.

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Spontaneous, Creative and Playful


To feel good and be efficient, you require being stimulated through playful contact, with regular changes of situations and relationships. Your first reaction is often to like or dislike.

Under light distress, in an interaction with others, you may start to misunderstand and say things like “I don’t know”. Things may seem boring and complicated to you.



Your creativity: you may find solutions when others saw only problems. Your ability to turn a boring task into a game. Your spontaneity, source of positive energy and enthusiasm for others.


Compassionate, Sensitive and Warm


You naturally communicate with others in a nurturing way.

To feel good and be efficient, you require being recognized as a person, i.e. wants to hear “I care about you”, “you’re important to me”. You desire unconditional acceptance of you as a person and need an environment that pampers the senses.



Your warmth in relationships, your ability to nurture, be empathic, create harmony and give to others. Your ability to feel first and take in people and things by feeling about them. Your sensory application and your ability to use your five senses.

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