Connect Better with Your Family

Marriage and Family Connections are integrally important for all our relationships outside the home too.


If the home life is successful, then work and play life are more successful too. If we feel we are connecting at home, then our confidence to connect in other places increases. We believe that you can gain life changing insights into what makes you uniquely you and that you can live a happier, more successful life with this understanding.


Take a look at the variety of  parenting and marriage classes in our video library, book a webinar or seminar, or contact us for personal consulting.

Connecting to Others

At Wired Within, our Marriage or Parenting Courses will help you:


Understand all the facets of the interpersonal relationship.


Show you a path of success within yourself and how to have greater assurance and trust in your relationships.


Connect more effectively personally and professionally.


Achieve greater results, inner security and contentment, fulfilled relationships and greater professional impact.

Parents hold their palms face up on top one another with their child's hand resting on theirs as the father holds him/her up

God used Vinny and the PCM training to unlock for me what it means for me to live in Peace and in Grace. I love the compassion I get to give to those who are struggling against their life’s clouded pattern of contentment. Through PCM training and Vinny, God is continually blessing my home with warmth and my life with fruitful ministry.

K. VanderGriend

Smiling business woman reaches out for hand shake from business man

“Vinny is the Sherlock Holmes for people to understand who they are and how the communicate. More about HOW I am with others and in tasks than who I am as a person. How I approach things and how I view them and what frustrates me. It helps get rid of presuppositions and assumptions. Replaces filter that I used to view the world through.”

– J. Williamson


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