Connecting Better at Work.

From vendors, to customers, to our boss, our staff, and our colleagues, our relationships are tested by how we are built, what we believe, what we hear and how we react. What if we could all just get along?


We believe that you can gain life changing insights into what makes you uniquely you and that you can live a happier, more successful life with this understanding. Take a look at our various memberships to our video library, book a webinar or seminar, or contact us for personal or professional consulting.

Connecting at Work


At Wired Within, the Professional training classes will help you:

  • Recognize your best self, so that despite the obstacles or people around you, you can achieve satisfaction and success.
  • Help you find the right path, so that your purpose is clear and achievable.
  • Teach you about the facets of interpersonal relationship to show you  how you interact with the other person.
  • Help you relate more effectively and achieve greater results.
  • Connect effectively with people and reach success in those relationships.
  • Create better environments, processes and experience less friction in relationships around you.
  • Achieve successful conflict resolution and teamwork structures.
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“At the end of the day, if you can have a diverse team of leaders that know how to eliminate unnecessary conflict and play to one another’s strengths in order to produce complete business solutions, you can win. Wired Within has helped us create exactly that kind of leadership culture at Central Plastics.”

-B. Pourchot

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“I must admit I was a skeptic prior to working with Vinny.  I now see this type of cultural focus and support as the biggest advantage that can be brought to business today.”

-J. Javers, PhD


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