Better Connection to Your Customers

From vendors, to customers, to our boss, our staff, and our colleagues, our relationships are tested by how we are built, what we believe, what we hear and how we react. What if we could all just get along?


We believe that you can gain life changing insights into what makes you uniquely you and that you can live a happier, more successful life with this understanding. Take a look at our various memberships to our video library, book a webinar or seminar, or contact us for personal or professional consulting.

Connecting to the Customer


Through our specialized forensic communication understanding, we can help you find your people faster. We can use target marketing to a whole new level so that your advertising dollars are spent wisely and effectively. Wired Within can also train your sales staff to know people like we do and increase closures, better negotiate contracts and have higher yields. Let our strategic marketing and communication team show you today.

Why Marketing Matters


“Isn’t Marketing just getting my name on some pens?”


Through the years, no matter the size of the organization, there exists a confusion about the definition of marketing, its application and why you need it in business.


Marketing is gaining market intelligence. Sounds fancy, right? Don’t you want to know your target market? Don’t you want to know how they think, why they buy, why they would buy again or tell a friend? Market Intelligence tells you all that and more. It explains how to manage your brand, and what your competitors are doing. It takes into account upcoming technology and world events and how they impact your product or service.


After we examine and determine your Market Intelligence, we use the People Forensics Constructs from Vinny to properly and succinctly address and reach your market. Understanding People Forensics from a communication standpoint allows deeper penetration and a specificity in reaching your audience.

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