Why Consulting Matters


No matter how many times you’ve viewed a lesson, sometimes you are still left with questions. You might also have an “acute” issue that needs to be cleared up before all the other lessons can be learned and absorbed. Your issue may require one on one conversation.


Consultation can be purchased in 30 minute blocks of time. If you request onsite, please call and directly schedule with our administrator. Otherwise, the blocks of time will be via online meeting or phone. Let us know also when you book if there will be more than one person on the call.


Please click the Consulting tab below and follow instructions to purchase and book a time available on our scheduling calendar. You can use the notes section below when booking to tell us more about why you are requesting the session.


Deciding what works best for you and your goals can be confusing. Let us make it simple with a breakdown of our membership levels and services that we offer and the benefits of each.

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