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Becoming A Tribe: Learning to Pull Together For Success

July 23 @ 11:30 am - 1:00 pm


Join us for this second installment in the Circles Luncheon series:
Prowess of Women in Business – Becoming a Wired Woman

As women we have all experienced feeling all alone in the professional world, even as we work amongst other women in the workplace. In this Circles Luncheon, Janice will discuss the tools and practices women can utilize to become a tribe, learning to work together toward success and eliminate the drama of tearing each other down.


In this month’s Circles Luncheon you will learn:

  • What makes us a tribe
  • How to take full advantage of being in a tribe
  • How to accept the strengths of everyone
  • Moving together in sync
  • What it takes to pull as one

About the Speaker

Janice Perkins is the Director of Wired Wired Within. Marketing and communication are the heartbeat of Janice’s 20 plus experience and career. Common sense marketing with well founded research can drive actual results. Knowing your target market and how to reach them successfully has been her life focus. With forensic communication training another layer of depth is added to marketing performance and certainty in reaching the correct audience. Janice is available for speaking events and internal training. She has used the forensic communication training in her personal and professional life for over 18 years.

What is Circles?

Wired Within’s CIRCLES Luncheon provides the unique opportunity to gather solutions for professional practices in the a wide variety of environments. These monthly group sessions include short, relevant presentations that segue into an open forum for creative, facilitator led discussions. CIRCLES Luncheons can produce real-time solutions that will help professionals from all backgrounds solve workplace problems.

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