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From the boss and staff, to vendors and customers and everything in between – our relationships are tested by how we are built, what we believe, what we hear and how we react. At Wired Within, our forensic communication specialists help individuals and companies connect better to the customer by teaching them how to identify and communicate more clearly with their target audience so that the advertising budget is used more effectively. Our forensic communication specialists can also assist your team with training and consulting to successfully close sales, negotiate with vendors and merge with companies.


To become a “People Genius” to better connect with customers starts with how you view yourself and the way you receive information. Despite the incredibly complex aspects of personality, psychology and sociology in our culture and around the world, there are actually only a small list of things you need to know to be able to persuade any person on the planet more successfully.

Persuasion Training

Our persuasion training applies specifically for sales and fundraising, but can also greatly increases impact in the business arena of negotiation. Understanding the fulfilling need of the person across the table from you and the methods they use for communicating will greatly enhance the conversation and allow for a quicker and a more efficient path to close.

Using persuasion based communication will give you the leverage and advantage in negotiation anticipating reluctance, counter offers and what ground your opponent is protecting. You will have the people intelligence to gain success in the intercession.

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Marketing & Brand Development

The art of gaining market intelligence from donors or clients is the key to understanding your brand identity. Your brand is the shadow of something much bigger; your reputation. Your reputation in the marketplace for most people is unknown. Some companies think that what they believe their reputation is, is what others believe. But what are they doing to ensure that is true?

Branding Training

Our branding training goes beyond just your logo and company, we dive deep to learn what powers your company’s reputation. Reputation based marketing is not about making sure you have positive online reviews, but instead ensures that what your brand is reflecting is accurate and enhances your services or products. Your brand has no actual identity without your reputation behind it. If you aren’t communicating and describing or building your reputation, then your customer base or the market is making one up.

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Consulting & Training

When you have an acute issue that requires one-on-one assessment and resolution Wired Within has a program that can benefit you. We provide efficient consulting for issues for both personal and professional needs.

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