An Observation About Multiculturalism

An Observation About Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism requires emotional maturity if you are also going to have social order. In a tribalism social structure, you only have to learn one set of social parameters in order to create social order. The onus for change lies on the individual to conform to those parameters. It may be repressive to certain people, but for most of the tribe they are shaped from birth to conform and it becomes easier over time; even “natural”.


However, in multiculturalism you have many “tribes” and the rules of one tribe may not make sense to another. The rules for social order, however, are created by someone; and that person comes from somewhere, and in that somewhere there is a tribe, with a culture. The culture from that tribe when placed over the masses in multiculturalism creates the need for dialog and understanding on a broader level. It also calls for leaders to be able to manage behavior and expectations in ways that the tribe may never have prepared them for. Many will try to create “one tribe” for everyone but this will destroy uniqueness and diversity which benefits the whole culture. Others will do the hard work of learning how to “enter someone else’s reality” in order to understand them and learn to “translate” the positive things from their tribe to others and vice versa. This trains everyone in how to live together in peace and prosperity.


I see this happen all the time in the microcosm of a business. The business has social order or a culture (rules that govern it’s function) determined by one “tribe” (the leaders) who are trying to create beneficial results for all. Many leaders feel like the only two choices they have when it comes to differences of perspective is to Terminate or Tolerate. At Wired Within, we challenge leaders to engage the third option: to Train themselves first and then others.


This means to Train themselves to “enter someone else’s reality” in order to understand them and learn to “translate” the positive things from the company’s culture to others and vice versa. This training strengthens the culture of the business and causes everyone “to live together in peace and prosperity”. It also leverages the benefits of diversity and uniqueness to bring about greater results.


We love what we do…and so will you.

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