Style of Influence

Developed by Dr. Doug Wilson, the Style of Influence™ questionnaire utilizes the convergence of your personal, relational and organizational behaviors to identify “Your Style” and reveals how these behaviors impact your life and those around you. It does not measure what you know or what you believe, but how you will act, also known as ‘inherent traits that motivate actions’.


The SOI’s usage in workplace training helps individuals identify how to use their native aptitudes to the best advantage of the company. In addition to providing insight into the character of the person the, SOI gives the professional direct information about the skills that need to be developed in the. The results bring greater understanding and better.


The SOI Primarily Measures The Influencing Behaviors Related To:

Experiential Knowledge

Things we have experienced and data we have collected, of which we are consciously aware.

Personal Maturity

Moral, ethical, or value-driven equations through which we assess, determine, and evaluate.

Inherent Traits

Our thoughts, beliefs, actions and desires that emerge from personality and behavioral aptitudes.

About The Test

The Style of Influence test is comprised of 84 questions that are meant to be answered instinctively and quickly, taking approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. The SOI measures the “default” influencing behaviors of individuals. The SOI does this on four measurement scales. Each question relates to a scale and each answer corresponds to a value on that scale. This helps to produce a Raw Score that is ranked against the statistical information of the SOI and translated into a percentage. Because each scale has two opposing values, this percentage represents a mixture of the opposing values at either end of the scale.



The Relational Scale measures how emotionally empathetic or insulated a person is to the non-rational input and influence of the emotions in the environment around them. It does not measure the sociability, compassion, nature, or volume of emotions that a person has. It only measures how much their emotions are affected by the emotions around them and how oriented they are to that input.



The Cognitive Scale measures how abstractly or concretely one ingests, processes, and expresses ideas. It does not measure intelligence, communication ability, or creativity, it only measures the form that ideas will most often take when being understood and expressed.


Preference for Detail

The Preference for Detail Scale measures a person’s affinity for the level of control that they will likely maintain over the physical environment around them through their own abilities. This is opposed to the orientation toward freedom, delegation of details, chaos, and independence from ongoing task responsibility that one may have.


Goal Achievement

The Goal Achievement Scale measures how closure/task vs. process/people minded a person is while engaged in any activity. The scale does not present a person’s work ethic or how strong their will is, nor does it measure ability to lead; it only measures how externally or internally expressive or how active or responsive their will is to the will of others engaged in the achievement process with them.

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What Do I Do After Taking the Test?

Having the questionnaire results is only the tip of the iceberg. Our desire is to see the information be of significant value to a person in reshaping the environment and the expectations that surround him or her. Individuals and groups can do this by:


Discuss Results with a Group of Peers

Much of the discussion concerning SOI results comes back to understanding others through our own subjective “style”. This human element cannot be completely removed from reactions to people and circumstances, nor would we want it to be. The best way to do this is to gather people together and talk about the way they see the described behaviors effecting the person or group. When these behaviors have been explored and consensus is reached concerning differing needs and desires, misunderstanding decreases and the value for what people DO produce increases.

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In the best of situations a person can schedule a call with a Wired Within consultant and discuss their test results or schedule a team dynamics seminar to bring these styles to light for a whole group. Wired Within advises individuals and groups in the ways they can capitalize on the SOI discussion to maximize the positive potential of each team member. This training is available to a manager looking to improve team performance or a leader looking to better their impact with the organization. Through Wired Within’s consulting services these insights can be gained and plans can be forged to improve their organization and the individual’s satisfaction with their role.

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