Psychometric Tests and Pseudoscience

Psychometric testing and the Pseudoscience should not be confused. The science behind psychometric testing is sound in method and has been long established as a legitimate science. The tests on the market today are the culmination of years of behavioral and psychological scientific studies. These should not be confused with the pseudoscience of Astrology, Astrotherapy, Biorhythms, Cartomancy, Chiromancy, Enneagram, Fortune Telling, Graphology etc., however they are often relegated to a lower level of legitimacy when they should not be. Of course the responsibility for this lack of legitimacy lies on both sides of the fence. Although the Psychometric testing industry must take responsibility for its errors, people must also understand their biases.


The Evaluation Process

After gathering data from trusted psychometric testing tools, we apply our proven teaching constructs that break down what the testing data means for you and how to best apply the information for success in life. There is no end to the amount of information you can learn about how these tools can help you improve life on various levels you encounter. And just when you think you’ve learned it all, new relationships, environments or scenarios in life come and you learn how to apply our constructs in a whole new way.


True “freedom” lies in knowing one’s own personal “balance” and having the forthrightness to discuss what we really want and to arrange with others a mutually beneficial way to achieve what is desired. Isolation and secretiveness about real desires is as destructive to oneself, ones relationships, and society in general as a complete abandonment to our desires would be.


At Wired Within, we begin with decades of experience in gathering the correct information and the perfect tools. There are over 1,200 personality tests in the United States alone claiming to measure or predict human behavior. Of the 1,200+ tests out there, less than 100 make ANY claim to be scientifically valid and less than 20 have enough research to validate their findings. From this pool, Wired Within has chosen to the Style of Influence and Personality Pattern Inventory evaluations.

Style of Influence

Developed by Dr. Doug Wilson, the Style of Influence™ questionnaire utilizes the convergence of your personal, relational and organizational behaviors to identify “Your Style” and reveals how these behaviors impact your life and those around you. It does not measure what you know or what you believe, but how you will act, also known as ‘inherent traits that motivate actions’.


The SOI’s usage in workplace training helps individuals identify how to use their native aptitudes to the best advantage of the company. In addition to providing insight into the character of the person the, SOI gives the professional direct information about the skills that need to be developed in the. The results bring greater understanding and better.

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Personal Pattern Inventory

Developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler, the Personal Pattern Inventory is an assessment of the Process Communication Model: an internationally esteemed behavior communications model to understand how and why people communicate. The PPI will enable individuals to discover their personality structure and measure the amount of energy available to the individual to experience each personality floor.


The PPI will help individuals in the workplace understand how to work better together, manage better, coach better, recruit better, sell better, help others better, manage your private life better, and improve their overall personal and professional quality of life.

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