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“Vinny was instrumental in consulting with our department…he helped to provide us with a common language which helped to build trust within our teams. ”

– J. Javers, PhD

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“The reason this process is unique is that it begins by understanding yourself. It begins by recognizing people’s relational aptitude so you will not put a person in a position in which people just won’t follow them or in a job that sets them up for failure.”

-D. VanderGriend – Owner, ICM, Inc.

Clearly Vinny has been a catalyst for cultural change in our high technical based business unit.  I have been very encouraged by the almost overnight change in people’s desire and ownership of their own personal and professional development.

-B. Emme

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“At the end of the day, if you can have a diverse team of leaders that know how to eliminate unnecessary conflict and play to one another’s strengths in order to produce complete business solutions, you can win. Wired Within has helped us create exactly that kind of leadership culture at Central Plastics.”

-B. Pourchot

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“All of the sessions with Wired Within have led to noticeably better results at work. As a strong bonus to these efforts, multiple employees have also reported a benefit to their family life as well.” 

-J. Javers, PhD

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“You get out of it what you put into it. If an individual has a problem and recognizes it, then they will get something out of it. When you understand someone’s strength and weaknesses, then the team is willing to let irritation go and come alongside them, fill in and overlook the misunderstanding.”

-D. VanderGriend – Owner ICM, Inc.

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“Vinny uses an unusual combination of scientific and objective tools; preferences versus personality. He doesn’t put you in a box. His teaching allows for the idea that we can make choices for the sake of love to benefit the relationship.”

-D. McMurry

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“Vinny is the Sherlock Holmes for people to understand who they are and how the communicate. More about HOW I am with others and in tasks than who I am as a person. How I approach things and how I view them and what frustrates me. It helps get rid of presuppositions and assumptions. Replaces filter that I used to view the world through.”

-J. Williamson

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“God used Vinny and the PCM training to unlock for me what it means for me to live in Peace and in Grace. I love the compassion I get to give to those who are struggling against their life’s clouded pattern of contentment. Through PCM training and Vinny, God is continually blessing my home with warmth and my life with fruitful ministry.”

-K. VanderGriend


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