Why Am I Having Such Difficulty Getting Along With Others - Is It Just Me?

No, it is not you. Because there are so many variances in personalities, experiences, and styles of influence in the world, there are bound to be issues between individuals. There are certainly particular personalities that have more difficulty getting along than others. In the old days, they would refer to that as “oil and vinegar”; they just don’t mix. We believe, however, that oil and vinegar can be taught and shown how to interact with each other to not repel one another. It is possible to learn how to get along by understanding yourself better and understanding others. Learn More about our Courses.

Do I Need To Take The Questionnaires?

The teaching and constructs for communication and relationship interaction are all based on facets of both the Style of Influence and the Personality Pattern Inventory testing. You can gain knowledge from just the seminars, but would have a more complete understanding of the information and yourself if you took the testing.

Why Does Wired Within Use These Evaluations?

After decades of experience with relationships and counselling, it was determined that both Style of Influence and the Personality Pattern Inventory types of testing are necessary to fully integrate with the teaching constructs. One of the tests helps you understand your own level of distress and satisfaction and the other shows how you interact and influence others on a day to day level. Both pieces of information are necessary to know yourself fully in your environment and in relationship with others.

Are There Instructions On How To Take These Questionnaires?

If you are have troubles taking the tests, please contact us at and we will help walk you through the process step by step.

What Does The Personality Pattern Inventory Test Tell You?

The PPI test discovers the personality traits you were born with. It uncovers your decision making engine and shows the path of in and out of distress for yourself and others around you.

What Does The Style of Influence Test Tell You?

The SOI test reveals how you are programmed to relate to people and situations. The test compounds experience, upbringing and decisions to understand how you are programmed to relate outside yourself.

How Do I Better Understand My Test Results?

After you receive each individual test report, you can find more information about what your test results means using the PDF’s provided below or you can schedule a consulting appointment to have a one-on-one advice and explanation session.

What Do I Do If My Test Links Don’t Work?

Please contact us for troubleshooting or receiving a new link.

What If I Lose My Test Results?

We will email you a copy as long as you have an active membership with us. After your membership expires, your testing results, audio files from consultation will be deleted.


How do I Schedule a Consulting Appointment

You can schedule a consulting appointment by going to the Consulting Scheduler or you may contact us and our manager would be happy to assist you.

How do I schedule a seminar to come to my company or office location?

If you would like to schedule an in house seminar, please contact us at our office at We will then contact you to discuss schedule and content.

My Spouse Can Benefit From Wired Within Too, What Should We Do?

Have your spouse complete the questionnaires then schedule a personal consulting appointment to discuss specific marriage issues that are unique to your two individual personalities and traits.

My Whole Office Or Team Can Benefit From Wired Within Too, What Is The Next Step?

You can schedule your entire team to take the questionnaires then schedule on onsite or phone consultation to discuss specific issues unique to your team members and work environment.

My Kid(s) Can Benefit From Wired Within Too, What Should I Do?

If your kids are over the age of 13, then most of the time you can get accurate testing results. We need a written consent signed by parents in order for kids to be tested under the age of 18. If your kids are younger than that, then you can schedule a consultation to get a determination and direction for parenting individually. Family sessions to handle unique needs based on all members of the household is also a great method of clarification in regard to communication issues.

Events & Seminars

Will I Learn Something New at a Seminar That I’m Not Learning in the Videos?

Yes. In the seminars, you will get more in depth information, question and answer sessions and practice activities to solidify the constructs and teaching.

Do I Have To Be There In Person To Attend A Seminar?

No, we offer webinar service available for those unable to attend in person to most of our local seminars.

What Is A Webinar?

Please contact us to manually adjust your level.

How Do I Downgrade/Cancel My Account?

A webinar is a remote seminar that you can watch from your computer anywhere in the world.

How Do I Schedule A Webinar?

Please contact us to schedule a webinar or seminar with Wired Within.

How Do I Purchase A DVD From A Seminar I Attended?

DVDs from seminars are available for purchase at the seminar. They will be mailed out after production is completed in 2-3 weeks. If you decide later you want to purchase a DVD, please contact us.

Wired University Membership

What Do I Do If My Login Isn’t Working?

For troubleshooting or resetting your Wired University login, please contact

What Do I Do If I’m Having Trouble Viewing My Videos?

Please contact your internet provider first to ensure you have download speed for online viewing. If you are at work and have an internal IT department, ask for their assistance. If you are still having trouble, please email our troubleshooting desk at

How Do I Upgrade My Account?

Please contact us to manually adjust your level.

How Do I Downgrade/Cancel My Account?

We are so sorry you are not happy with your service. Your membership contract is through the length of your service at signup, which is 12 months. At the end of the contract you may opt-out of renewal.

What If I Buy One Course But Know I Need To Watch Videos In Another One, Do I Have To Wait 12 Months?

No, you don’t have to wait 12 months, you can upgrade to the next level for a discounted price. Contact us for more information.

What If I’m Watching Videos and Still Have More Questions?

Contact our administrator to schedule a personal phone or online meeting consult. You can also schedule a personal consult via our website on the Consultation page.

Can I Watch The Videos Out Of Order?

Sure, you can watch the videos in any order but they will make more sense to watch them in progression order.

Can I Watch The Videos More Than Once?

Yes, you can watch the videos more than once or as many times as you need to gain comprehension of the applications and information for the length of your membership.

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