Helping a person maximize the potential of their inner design so that despite obstacles of people or circumstances, a person can still reach achievement, satisfaction and success.

 Our Mission


Our mission is putting a person on the path of self-discovery, so that greater assurance and clarity can develop internally and in regard to all relationships in the various environments of interaction.

Creating discussion about how internal desires express themselves within relationships,

Building greater esteem, acceptance, and grace toward the differences people have, and

Advising people in their attempt to create an environment that does not hinder the expression of their design but supports, enhances it and allows they are wired within to reach maximum impact

Our Values


We believe all people are inherently valuable in their internal design.

We believe all people need to be esteemed for what they can contribute from their design.

We believe that the maximum potential of our internal design should be pursued.

We believe that transparency about internal design drives produces greater relational understanding and unity.

We believe that your design based influence is of greater worth than your actual achievement.

Our Operating Principles


We will always tell people the truth, transparency and kindness about what we think the testing indicates.

We will be financially responsible and accountable, both internally and with our customers.

We will act with integrity concerning situations and people, communicating with trust, credibility and clarity.

Vinny Gerace

After working and learning under Dr. Getz, one of the two authors of the Style of Influence test, Vinny decided to combine his business consulting with the “people” expertise he learned from Dr. Getz and the SOI. Vinny then integrated his training in the Process Communication Model (PCM) by Dr. Taibi Kahler into his business consulting along with the SOI and found it was an easy fit. He realized that the people problems in business can impact every system in a company and eat away at margins. After years of helping businesses, he kept receiving more and more requests to apply the same concepts within family units. Using these people skills learned through our forensic communication program work in all life applications.

Janice Fairbairn

Marketing and communication are the heartbeat of Janice’s 20 plus experience and career. Common sense marketing with well founded research can drive actual results. Knowing your target market and how to reach them successfully has been her life focus. With forensic communication training and Vinny’s experience, another layer of depth is added to marketing performance and certainty in reaching the correct audience. Janice has used the forensic communication training in her personal and professional life for over 6 years.

Heather Fellows

With an MBA, Heather brings to the table a unique business based approach to our communication organization. Her copywriting, editing, social media and project management keep our team on track.

Josh Parks

Marketing research is where Josh’s years of experience show their strength. In addition, his involvement at various media outlets, make him an expert in media buying and public relations. He adds copy writing and the precision of customer communications to the team as well.

Woman using both hands to hold the hand of the man sitting next to her


“Vinny is the Sherlock Holmes for people to understand who they are and how the communicate. More about HOW I am with others and in tasks than who I am as a person. How I approach things and how I view them and what frustrates me. It helps get rid of presuppositions and assumptions. Replaces filter that I used to view the world through.”

– J. Williamson


“God used Vinny and the PCM training to unlock for me what it means for me to live in Peace and in Grace. I love the compassion I get to give to those who are struggling against their life’s clouded pattern of contentment. Through PCM training and Vinny, God is continually blessing my home with warmth and my life with fruitful ministry.”

-K. VanderGriend

Business man pointing to clip board while other business man holds a pen over the document


“At the end of the day, if you can have a diverse team of leaders that know how to eliminate unnecessary conflict and play to one another’s strengths in order to produce complete business solutions, you can win. Wired Within has helped us create exactly that kind of leadership culture at Central Plastics.”

-B. Pourchot

How our system works:


We begin with decades of experience in gathering the correct information and the perfect tools. The last “count” viewed in print from a valid source stated there were over 1200 tests of some type claiming to measure or predict human behavior so the question is simply “Why do you use these two tools”?


Of the 1200+ tests out there, less than 100 make ANY claim to be scientifically valid and less than 20 have had enough secondary research to validate or challenge the findings of the original creators. The SOI and PPI are two of these 20.


After gathering the correct data from the trusted psychometric testing tools, we apply our proven teaching constructs that break down what the testing data means for you and how to best apply the information for success in life.

There is no end to the amount of information you can learn about how these tools can help you improve life on various levels you encounter. And just when you think you’ve learned it all, new relationships, environments or scenarios in life come and you learn how to apply our constructs in a whole new way.


At Wired Within, we help you recognize your inner design, so that despite the obstacles or people around you, you can achieve satisfaction and success.  We put you on the path of self-discovery, so that you can develop greater assurance and clarity about yourself. We all have questions that beg for answers. We want to feel our life has a purpose and that we are successfully fulfilling it.


Check out our visual aid that helps explain the process of corrected communication that our services succeed in teaching our clients.

“Vinny helps take off our blinders and allows us see people for their strengths not weaknesses. To see them the way they are and provide a successful communication playbook between people. The training gives staff a different lens to think and see through in regard to team and spouses.”

– J. Oelze

Wired Within Mini InfoGraph explaining miscommunication and fixed communication


Deciding what works best for you and your goals can be confusing. Let us make it simple with a breakdown of our membership levels and services that we offer and the benefits of each.

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