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Our Approach to

the Path of Self-Discovery

At Wired Within, we believe that not everyone sees a situation in the same way. We all have different strengths and communications styles, leading us to hear each other differently. We teach you how to discover the sources of tension in your work and home life connections, eliminating drama and opposition. It is our mission to help each client maximize their inner design to reach new levels of achievement, satisfaction and success. Our ultimate goal is to help you communicate better, through self-discovery and clarity. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll feel like magic. People magic.

Strengthen the Bond with Others

Understand how internal desires express themselves within yourself and relationships.

Improve Your Communication

Gain greater esteem, acceptance, and grace toward the differences and similarities individuals have.

Feel Complete Internally and Externally

Learn to create an environment that supports and enhances your unique inner design.

Our Mission

& Values


It is our mission to guide (clients) on a path to self-discovery, where internal clarity creates discussions that positively influence all of the key relational touch points in their lives.


All people are valuable, and based on understanding their internal design and how it relates to others, they can produce greater understanding of relationships, which will maximize personal and professional potential.

How Our System

& Process Works

Wired Within

in Numbers

Before you start your training, you’re sure to have a number of questions about the journey you will soon undertake. Here are crunched Wired Within numbers before you begin our online courses.

Over 40 years of marketing and advertising experience 0
Over 20 years of experience in personal and professional growth training 0

Our Team Helping You

for Your Better Future

Janice Perkins


Marketing and communication are the heartbeat of Janice’s 20 plus experience and career. Common sense marketing with well founded research can drive actual results. Knowing your target market and how to reach them successfully has been her life focus. With forensic communication training, another layer of depth is added to marketing performance and certainty in reaching the correct audience. Janice is available for speaking events and internal training. Janice has used the forensic communication training in her personal and professional life for over 18 years.

Vinny Gerace

Executive Coach

After working and learning under Dr. Getz, one of the two authors of the Style of Influence test, Vinny decided to combine his business consulting with the “people” expertise he learned from Dr. Getz and the SOI. Vinny then integrated his training in the Process Communication Model (PCM) by Dr. Taibi Kahler into his business consulting along with the SOI and found it was an easy fit. He realized that the people problems in business can impact every system in a company and eat away at margins. After years of helping businesses, he kept receiving more and more requests to apply the same concepts within family units. Using these people skills learned through our forensic communication program work in all life applications.

Heather Fellows

Executive Assistant

With an MBA, Heather brings to the table a unique business based approach to our communication organization. Her copywriting, editing, social media and project management keep our team on track.

Josh Parks

Market Research Strategist

Marketing research is where Josh’s years of experience show their strength. In addition, his involvement at various media outlets, make him an expert in media buying and public relations. He adds copy writing and the precision of customer communications to the team as well.

Working Together

for Better Communication

“At the end of the day, if you can have a diverse team of leaders that know how to eliminate unnecessary conflict and play to one another’s strengths in order to produce complete business solutions, you can win. Wired Within has helped us create exactly that kind of leadership culture at Central Plastics.”

– B. Pourchot

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