We are Forensic Communication Specialists

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A People Company.

We work with people. We live with people. We get married to people and have more little people. Our neighbors are people. Our clients are people. We cannot avoid people and the need we have to communicate successfully with them all.


Do you need to know how to find potential leads and close a sale? Do you need to know how to get along with your in-laws or neighbors? Do you need help reaching your kids? Do you need to deal with conflict better at work?

Whether you are focused on improving your individual purpose, fixing relationships or improving your workplace environment, Wired Within will help you relate more effectively and achieve greater results. We believe that you can gain life changing insights into what makes you uniquely you and that you can live a happier, more successful life with this understanding.



Family Connections


We believe understanding people as individuals with unique internal drives and innate skills helps us build better relationships. We want to help build stronger families and friendships. Strong marriages build strong families. Strong parenting builds kids into strong adults. Learn how to connect better to those you love.

Launching a business or are a startup? We have a business lunches  program that will cover all the communication and people training you will need for hiring the right staff to bringing in the right customers.

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Work Connections


Absolutely, we can help you with conflict resolution and better team building at the office. What if you could learn the environment in which you would thrive? What if you could feel empowered to succeed? What if we could be the key that unlocked your understanding about how you are innately wired to succeed and find contentment at work?


At Wired Within, we help you recognize your inner design, so that despite the obstacles or people around you, you can achieve satisfaction and success.  We want to feel our life has a purpose and that we are successfully fulfilling it.

Through local classes, webinars, and Wired University, Wired Within can equip you for success with all the people in your world.



Customer Connections


Did you know we can also help you identify and communicate more clearly with your target audience? Our Forensic Communication can help you successfully close sales, negotiate with vendors and merge with companies. We do sales training and strategic level marketing focus to target your advertising dollars directly at your ideal customer.

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